Millennials Flock Towards Low Down Payment Programs

report released by DownPayment Resource shows that 61% of first-time homebuyerspurchased their homes with a down payment of 6% or less.

Thetrend continued among all buyers with a mortgage, as 73% made a down payment ofless than 20%.

An article by Chase pointsto a new wave of millennial homebuyers:

“We teamed up with Google to help us better understand whatcustomers are searching for and how the home buying landscape isevolving. We found that millennials andfirst-time homebuyers are making a big splash inthe market, and affordability remains top of mind.”

Amongmillennials who purchased homes, David Norris, Loan Depot’s Head of Retail Lending,said:

“It’s clear from the survey results that Millennials have a lotof anxiety built up about the home buying process.

There is good news, however, as there’s more flexibility thanmost Millennials think regarding how to qualify for a loan and what’s neededfor a down payment.”

Bottom Line

Ifyou are one of the many millennials who is debating a home purchase this year,let’s get together to help you understand your options and set you on the pathto preapproval.

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